Getting Ready for Market...the Bathrooms

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As I was gathering information for this post, I googled "dirty bathroom images".  Can I just say that I am still gagging?  Don't do it!  I can't un -see some of those awful pictures!

So the bathroom is where I see a lot of deferred maintenance.  By that I mean things that need caulking, glass that needs cleaning, and those dreaded shower doors.

I have a board on Pinterest where I collect and pin lots and lots of ideas.  You can visit it for lots and lots of cleaning hacks


A Mr Clean Eraser Bar is going to eliminate soap scum on tile and glass in your shower.  It's almost miraculous.  Once you have it clean, it's a lot easier to avoid soap scum build up by using a liquid shower soap, not a bar soap, and adding a squeegee to your morning routine.  Do that for the rest of your life and you'll be amazed at how much longer those doors will look like new!

Resolve Carpet Cleaner is pretty amazing on grout.

Pulling out old grout and re-caulking can be sort of therapeutic if you approach it with the right attitude.  It's definitely DYI-able, but you have to get it right.  A great resource might be how to videos on Youtube if you have never done it before.

Replacing old lights above the mirror and faucets are always worthy efforts.  

And mirrors...framed mirrors are best, or you can frame that big builder grade mirror with molding...lots of ideas on how to do that on Pinterest!

Check your exhaust it rusty or noisy? Then it's time to replace it.

The toilet...if it's loose, it could start leaking at any time.  It may need a new wax ring.  If the flapper is floppy and the toilet has a tendency to run, replace that floppy flapper!

The floor...old stained vinyl has no place in this world.  Depending on the price range of your home, you might do a nice replacement vinyl, or you might be better served by going with a tile.  A realtor can give you some guidance on that.

Sometimes wood cabinets will show some wear from the moisture in a bathroom.  Look for a good restoration product at your local hardware store line like Rejuvenate.  It will fill in little scratches and even out the finish.

Next time we will talk bedrooms!