The Team Approach is a Good Thing

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Real Estate

I ran a one girl (I was a lot younger then!) real estate business for several years.  I don't really know how I lived through it, and if I wasn't at my core such a control freak, I would have built a team much sooner!  

A team benefits the seller, the buyer, and the agents involved in a transaction.  Here's how:

The Seller:

There are a lot of moving parts to selling a house.  A single agent is not going to be a pro at each and every step.  Photography, marketing, negotiating, paperwork(ugh!), agent follow up, networking with other agents, assisting with pre-market and negotiated repairs,...there's a lot going on!  A successful team leader knows what they are good at, and hires people that are better than they are for everything else.  I can write pretty good ad copy, but I one of my strengths is negotiating and not leaving a single dollar on the table, so Robyn (she's in the grey dress right behind me in this photo) arranges for professional photography and writes up most of the marketing remarks on my listings.  It's harder than it looks and she does a great job!  Sue, in the black and white polka dot dress, is a BEAST at negotiating inspections, as is Peggy, in the top back right.  They help keep more money in the seller's pockets between contract and close, all day, every day.


The Buyer:

If selling a house can be challenging, buying one takes a LOT of energy, time and homework!  Mark, the guy with the pumpkin pie on his head, and Dan are Buyer Specialists.  They devote all day, every day, to helping people find the right house.  I LOVE listings because I don't have to put them in my car and drive them around!  Sure you can hunt on Zillow all day every day, but Dan spent 2 hours today researching appreciation trends in a couple of different neighborhoods so that the buyer can have a better understanding of where his money is best spent.  He went back 10 YEARS and assembled data from several different vantage points as the buyer tries to decide between 2 homes, because that information is that important to them.  Mark spot checks new construction progress at least 10 times during a build watching for potential problems all along the way. He is world famous for the clipboard he always carries, and I know there's a pocket protector hidden somewhere on him!  Truly 2 of the wisest, nicest, and most hardworking people I have ever known.  A buyer who works with someone who is experienced, smart, and respectful will save money and make the right purchase every time.  


The Agent:

This is a 24/7 really is.  We eat, breathe, and sleep real estate ( - you can ask my husband and children, all of whom have suffered years of neglect!)  And it's really really stressful for an agent that really really cares about their clients.  People are grieving, divorcing, combining households, facing financial problems.  They are also getting married, having babies, celebrating their dream home.  Lots of highs and lows, just like life, right?  Having people working with you that share the same vision of being really good at what they do gives us people to problem solve with, and celebrate with every day.  What is the point of working hard, working crazy hours, unless you are going to have fun doing it, with people you care about,  and you are truly helping people along this journey we call life.